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      1. Spiritual Life & Service Learning

        Spiritual Life & Service Learning

        As a Christian school that teaches from a Christian worldview, our students have daily Bible classes and grade-specific chapels during each 6-day cycle. Our faith is very much integrated into all we do. Therefore, it is our expectation that parents and students support the school philosophy.In addition to the daily Christian spiritual influence which happens in the classroom, clubs, trips, and on the sports field, ICS has a number of specific programs designed to nurture spiritual life, spiritual service, and spiritual leadership in students.

        Elementary School, Middle School, and High School all have weekly chapel times of worship and teaching. In Elementary School, classes take turns in preparing and presenting a chapel skit. Upper Elementary students (grade 5), Middle School, and High School also each have overnight three-day /two-night camps which center on spiritual life topics and themes.

        In the Middle School “Roots” small group program, many students voluntarily join a discipleship group led by teachers who meet regularly with their students to mentor them, guide them, and walk with them through the challenges of life and faith. Some of these groups continue into High School. In High School, “Vida Nueva” and “Oxygen” spiritual retreats feature increasing student-to-student influence and mentorship, and student leadership development. We are taking further steps to encourage and equip student spiritual leader. Multiple service learning opportunities throughout the year, including our Middle School and High School ‘Week Without Walls’, which give students the opportunity to choose from a variety of service learning overseas and local trips to for students to develop hearts for service that are consistent with God’s heart.

        Service is an integral part of the ICS mission and experience.  At ICS students learn how to serve and transform their communities.  As students grow in their Christian worldview they learn how to model Christ in creation care and in caring for those in need.  Service Learning connects classroom learning with service opportunities in the wider Hong Kong Community and in other countries through weekly service programs and Secondary School events like Week without Walls.  

        In Hong Kong, all students are able to engage in a wide variety of service opportunities such as: visiting the elderly; feeding the homeless; supporting handicapped people; writing to those in prison, compiling Christmas boxes, and tutoring children from poorer families and minority groups.  There are also a number of annual special projects that include Beach Cleanups, visits to Crossroads, Domestic Helper Open Day, and World Vision 30 Hour Famine, to name a few. In the High School, students take on more personal responsibility for leading and developing the service activities through leading these events, the Make a Difference Projects, and service clubs.  As the ICS Motto says: ICS =  Instruction for Life, Commitment to Christ, and Service to the Community