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      1. PE/Athletics


        ICS offers teams in a number of sports across four different age categories (u12, u14, u16 & u20).

        Sports include:

        Season 1 (August-October)

        u14 Football

        u14, u16 & u20 Volleyball

        MS & HS Swimming

        Season 2 (November-February)

        MS & HS Cross Country

        u12, u14, u16, & u20 Basketball

        HS Ball Hockey

        MS & HS Tennis

        Season 3 (February-May)

        u12 Football

        MS & HS Track & Field

        MS & HS Badminton

        u20 Football

        These sports are split into three seasons to give our students the opportunity to participate in a number of different sports each school year.

        We compete in the International Schools’ Sports Federation (ISSFHK) for all of the above sports and for a select few Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation (HKSSF) league.

        The ISSFHK is a Sports league for International schools within Hong Kong. The purpose of ISSFHK is to provide a well-rounded program of interscholastic athletics for all member schools. ISSFHK seeks to provide rules and regulations governing the Federation that will achieve recognised educational objectives, promote the traditions of sportsmanship, and provide an enjoyable athletic program throughout the school year for all participants, spectators and supporters. This constitution is to provide the framework and regulations by which ISSFHK operates. A related purpose of the Federation shall be to establish a closer relationship with its member schools.

        For our u20 Football, Basketball & Volleyball we also compete in the Asian Christian Schools Conference (ACSC). This conference is made up of seven Christian International schools from Malaysia (Dalat), Taiwan (Morrison Academy), Thailand (Grace), Philippines (Faith), Guam (St.Paul) & South Korea (YISS & GSIS). Each year a different school will host and we will travel to compete in the overseas tournaments. Established in 2013, ACSC’s purpose is to provide sport, ministry, cultural, and relational opportunities for students in Asian International Evangelical Christian high schools through Volleyball, Basketball & Soccer conference tournaments at host schools.